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If you are look to get the most out of our Amazon Keyword Tool - we highly recommend reading all of our Amazon seo guides.

Amazon Keyword Tool by KTD

Amazon Keyword Tool - Keyword Tool Dominator

The Amazon Keyword Tool developed by KTD dramatically improves your Amazon keyword search abilities by reducing the time required to find the most searched keywords on Amazon.

Amazon Keyword Tool

Save hours of time finding keywords with our keyword research tool for Amazon.

Use the best keyword research tool for Amazon and eliminate the struggles of Amazon keyword research.

Skip spending hours trying to find the right Amazon keywords for your Amazon listing.

Quickly find thousands of the best Amazon SEO keywords with just a few clicks.

Find 1,000+ Amazon keywords in real-time directly from Amazon in a few minutes or less.

Popularity Score and Hot Keywords - Identify the Most Searched Keywords on Amazon

Keyword score values can range from 0 to 100, which represent the search popularity of a given keyword relative to the other keyword suggestions found.


LESS   0-10  11-20  21-30  31-40  41-50  51-60  61-70  71-80  81-90  91-100   MORE

Hot Keyword Hot Amazon Keywords

Hot Amazon Keywords are the most popular search terms relative to the other keyword suggestions found. The Hot keywords are highlighted with a fire icon. Hot Keyword

Include the Hot Keywords and highest Scored Amazon keywords in your Amazon listing title and generate more search traffic.

18 International Amazon Marketplaces

A Global Amazon Keyword Search Tool

Search for Amazon keywords across 18 international Amazon marketplaces - including an option to refine the Amazon keyword search scope by country and Amazon department.

Amazon Marketplace in Australia Australia
Amazon Marketplace in Brazil Brazil
Amazon Marketplace in Canada Canada
Amazon Marketplace in China China
Amazon Marketplace in France France
Amazon Marketplace in Germany Germany
Amazon Marketplace in India India
Amazon Marketplace in Italy Italy
Amazon Marketplace in Japan Japan
Amazon Marketplace in Mexico Mexico
Amazon Marketplace in Netherlands Netherlands
Amazon Marketplace in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Amazon Marketplace in Singapore Singapore
Amazon Marketplace in Spain Spain
Amazon Marketplace in Turkey Turkey
Amazon Marketplace in United Arab Emirates UAE
Amazon Marketplace in United Kingdom United Kingdom
Amazon Marketplace in United States United States

Expand your Amazon keyword search efforts globally with access to all 18 international Amazon Marketplaces and every Amazon department for each.

Leverage our Amazon keyword research tool to quickly find and generate thousands of Amazon listing keywords.

Best Amazon Keyword Tool for 2023

Improve Amazon SEO with KTD

Are you looking for the best Amazon keyword finder or Amazon keyword generator for Amazon listing keyword optimization?

What about finding more Amazon backend keywords and search terms to optimize your Amazon listing keywords even more than the competition - resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales?

Join the 40,000+ users that trust and use Keyword Tool Dominator's Amazon Keyword Tool

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