Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Hot Keyword Hot Keywords?

Hot Keywords keywords are the most popular search terms relative to the other keyword suggestions found.

Simply put, Hot Keywords are the most searched keyword suggestions returned for the seed keyword.

All Hot keywords are considered to be the most relevant and common suggestions for the seed keyword.

Hot keywords are highlighted with a Fire Icon. Hot Keyword

What is Keyword Score?

Keywords with the highest Score are the most popular search terms relative to the other keyword suggestions found.

Score values can range from 0 to 100, which represents the search popularity of a given keyword relative to the other keyword suggestions found.


LESS   0-10  11-20  21-30  31-40  41-50  51-60  61-70  71-80  81-90  91-100   MORE

Finally, Score is derived using a proprietary calculation leveraging data extracted from each keyword and the keyword group; including the position of the keyword, word count, and word frequency.
How do I find niche keywords and long tail keywords?

Use seed keywords with one, two, or three words to search for more keywords.

For example, if your topic was about "Bitcoin", but more specifically about "mining bitcoin", start by using bitcoin as the seed keyword and see what results comes back.

Long Tail Keyword Search

Next review the keyword suggestions in the keyword list and identify and select relevant keywords with the highest score as well as Hot keywords that have two to three words.

Using our example "Bitcoin", "Bitcoin mining", "Bitcoin mining calculator", and "Bitcoin mining rig" were a few keywords with high score and a Hot keyword.

Long Tail Keyword Search - Keyword List

Once you have at least a couple keywords identified, use each of those keywords to search for niche keywords and long tail keywords.

You can click on the "Magic Wand" icon to the right of each keyword to automatically enter that keyword in the "seed keyword" textbox.

To find even more long tail keywords, try using the wildcard search.

Wildcard Search - In the Front

Long Tail Keyword Search Using Wildcard Start

Wildcard Search - In the Middle

Long Tail Keyword Search Using Wildcard Start

Use can place the wildcard character (an asterisk *) where ever you would like, but it works best in the front and middle of words.

The following keywords tools support wildcard searches.

Prior to 2019, Amazon's Autosuggest API had full support for the wildcard search, but you may receive some odd keyword suggestions that can be ignored.

To find additional long tail keywords on Amazon, try all three search modes: Normal, Precise, and Broad.

Long Tail Keyword - Amazon Broad Search

Unfortunately, the Autosuggest services from eBay, Etsy, and Walmart do not support wildcard searches at this time.

To sum it all up...

Use seed keywords with two or more words and you'll find plenty of niche keywords and long tail keywords.

Are the keyword suggestions fresh or updated regularly?

All of the keyword suggestions shown are retrieved in real time from the corresponding auto complete service. That being the case, Google, Amazon, eBay, Bing, and so on do not publish exactly how often they update the keyword suggestions for their auto complete services. However, some data and research indicate that the keyword suggestions are constantly being updated on an hourly and daily basis.

Do you offer search volume for keyword suggestions?

The auto complete services of Amazon. Bing, eBay, Etsy, Google, Walmart, YouTube do not provide search volume information for keyword suggestions.

And since our keyword tools leverage these auto complete services we do not offer search volume as it would be misleading and, in most cases, completely inaccurate.

Instead, we use keyword score and Hot keywords as keyword popularity indicators. The higher the keyword score, the more popular that keyword is relative to the other keyword suggestions. And Hot keywords are simply that, the top 10 keyword suggestions for a given seed phrase.

That said, you can use keyword and Hot keywords to determine which keywords to use for SEO.

What about other keyword tools that offer search volume?

Most of these other keyword tools are showing search volume data from Google that is publicly available to anyone using Google’s AdWords advertising tool Keyword Planner. While this information may be helpful when targeting Google search, it should be pointed out that is only applies to Google’s network of services.

Be very suspicious of keyword tools that offer search volume data for other services like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy as this information is not publicly available and is only obtained if an advertising campaign is ran for a given keyword using the highest bid for an entire month.

What to do when no keyword suggestions are found?

When no keyword suggestions are found, this typically means that the search phrase is simply too long and contains too many words resulting in a very narrow search topic. It is always best to try searching with one or two words first and see what comes back.

Or better yet, the try using the root words of the search phrase.

For example, if the search phrase was “lemon juicer squeezer heavy duty” (without quotes) and no keyword suggestions are returned, the root words would be “lemon juicer” or “lemon squeezer.” These two phrases would be a good place to start searching for keyword suggestions. Alternatively, juicer or squeezer could also be used.

Why is the Keyword Tool Dominator Google Chrome extension icon grayed out?

It is completely normal for the Keyword Tool Dominator Google Chrome extension to be shown as a gray icon in the Google Chrome menu bar since it works behind the scenes with our keyword tools only on our website.

The technical reason for the extension icon being grayed out is because there is no user interface or web page for the extension to be displayed since it works as a background process for our keyword tools to unlock the power of auto complete. Therefore Google Chrome, by design, shows any extension icon that works as a background process with a gray icon indicating there is no user interaction available.

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