In 2017 Cabraich based in the Isle of Lewis, was re branded as Cabraich Community Arts, Heritage and Learning

Cabraich initial began as a collaboration between a number of local people with a shared interest in history, research,film, and stories. Our aim is to create a body of work which reflects the contemporary realities of a culture and language with deep historical roots, facing a time of great change. The group, formed in 2010 with the bare minimum of resources, has quickly gained a reputation in the community for producing work that informs, entertains and provokes discussion and debate.

We are able to draw on a pool of talented individuals: writers, singers, musicians, poets, performers and technicians who share our commitment to produce events and products, that has genuine relevance to the lives of people in the Hebrides and beyond.


Our Contributors 

Eric John MacDonald is a writer based in Uig whose work has been performed extensively. ► Past Productions   

Maggie Smith, researcher, actor, singer and administrator. 

Alasdair Campbell
, a writer from Ness, has published several books of plays, and also writes novels and short stories. 

Iain MacIver, actor, has appeared in several Cabraich productions, An Seòladh (BBC Alba) and many Mac a Noonoo comedy sketches.    

Keith Stringer, a film-maker based in Uig (Uig Media), shot, directed and edited several short pieces with the group. ► Uig MediaPast Productions 

Alasdair Macleod, film maker from Aignish in Lewis  ► Hebridean Films

Latest news 06. March - Online Music Session Hebrides 

Cabraich Community Arts  have been awarded funding by the Corra Foundation to support musicians and audience to upskill, to join a weekly Hebrides online music session.

Bayhead Sessions, the long running, weekly live event, was hit by the pandemic restrictions in March 2020. Now organisers aim to co-ordinate and support new technology skills, to re-unite the thirty participants in a new online setting.  

This support for Cabraich Community Arts, will provide one to one workshops, for people using their own device, to access and use Zoom and other online platforms.

Cabraich co-ordinator Magaidh Smith said ‘Many new friendships and community networks were created through the open door, weekly music nights at Bayhead Sessions in Stornoway. The pandemic has left many people isolated and our new weekly online event, is a chance to re-establish those links and create new experiences.

Although we aim to reach out to the musicians who played together at Bayhead Sessions pre-Covid and their audience, we also welcome anybody interested in learning new technology skills and participating in a local music setting”

More information on technology support from magaidhsmith@gmail.com or 01851 860204.