Fo Sgaile Suaineabhal
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Latest news 30. January - Cabraich Events Feb-March 2018  Cabraich are co-ordinating and promoting several community events in Feb-March 2018.
Venue: Retirement Centre, Bayhead, Stornoway
Bayhead Music Session Fridays 6.30-9pm. All welcome £3.00. 

Cabraich is promoting 4  free weekly guitar class funded by Metime on Wed 12 -2. (Feb only)
Tea and Technology workshops funded by SOPWA begins on Wed 14th February between 2 and 4pm for 6 weeks.Donations for tea.
Gaelic workshops Wed 4-5.30pm (February Only) funded by Sgioba na Gaidhlig
Tuesday 4-5 Museum nan Eilean (May Only)